articles + papers

Articles about me and my work have featured in many international publications including Crafts, Craft & Design, Textile Fibre Forum, Embroidery, Stitch, Popular Patchwork and The Quilter.

As well as occasionally writing for magazines, I have delivered papers about my work with underwear including:

  • ‘Show us Your Knickers’ workshop and installation at Carnival for Feminist Cultural Activism, Centre for Women’s Studies, University of York

  • ‘Not PowerPoint Again’: delivery of a paper with experiential installation of ‘Push my Button’ Knicker Bunting.


Contemporary Appliqué

My most recent co-authored book, ‘Contemporary Appliqué’ (published by Batsford), takes a fresh look at the world of appliqué and surface embellishment.  It examines the historic use and cultural importance of appliqué, and gives an insight into the versatility of the many methods and techniques. It encourages you to explore, develop and push the boundaries of the traditional to create unique, personal pieces of textile art.  The book is full of practical advice and tips and is beautifully illustrated throughout with the fabulous work of many renowned artists.

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How to be Creative in Textile Art

My first co-authored book, ‘How to be Creative in Textile Art’ (published by Batsford) is a popular title and an invaluable resource for anyone involved in the process of creating textile art.

This key text guides you through the whole creative process – from finding inspiration, gathering source materials, choosing a theme, developing original designs, exploring traditional and contemporary fabrics and materials, right through to experimenting with a wide range of techniques and turning your own ideas into successful stitched textile art.

It’s the perfect resource for everyone interested in textile art who wants to be reach their creative potential.

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In 2020 the Textile Study Group published INSIGHTS – a reflection on creative practice in textile art. In this celebrated publication, members candidly share their varied approaches to art practice: where our ideas come from, how we develop and make our work, where we work. INSIGHTS is edited by June Hill and Dr Melanie Miller and includes details of works in progress, elements of process and finished work.

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