Julia Triston Textiles



Julia has created a series of ‘Knicker Dresses’ from donated undergarments, which have been exhibited across the country and worn in shows and on catwalks.  

Julia has also created several installations of knicker bunting with donated underwear:

  • ‘Push my Button’ (2008)
  • ‘Show us your Knickers!’ (2011)
  • ‘Knickers to the Jubilee!’ (2012)
  • ‘Our Knickers’ (2012)

These strings of knicker bunting have been on protests, used in celebrations, wrapped around monuments, installed in bars, shown at gatherings, handled in workshops, bedecked streets and exhibited up and down the country.  Check out the film by the BBC of Julia’s work here:


This is the press cutting about the making of the ‘Show us Your Knickers!’ bunting, at the Carnival of Feminist Cultural Activism in York, filmed in the clip above.

Underwear bunting launches University of York’s Carnival of Feminist Cultural Activism