Julia Triston Textiles


With a growing interest in the themes and concepts of:

  • identity/gender
  • deconstruction/reconstruction
  • upcycling/sustainability

Julia began to use previously worn and unwanted underwear as one of her raw materials.  The underwear received to date has been donated by friends, family, colleagues, students, neighbours, eminent feminists, fellow exhibitors, anonymous contributors, underwear companies, celebrities, artists and members of the public.

Each donation comes with a story, which forms part of the feminist narrative behind the pieces/installations.  The stories received have been funny, moving, intriguing and full of memories and comments on how our bodies change over the years.

Julia continues to use secondhand underwear in her work, along with other items that have a ‘pre-determined identity’ – vintage lace, household linen, discarded clothing and old embroideries.

Julia’s aim is to push the boundaries of art textiles and to and to make a feminist statement that give women, whose voices may not otherwise be heard, a platform to speak through her art.  Julia’s conceptual pieces display that which is (usually) unseen: marks, stains and holes are preserved as landmarks, holding memories of previous owners and echoes of former identities.

Donations are always gratefully received…