Julia Triston Textiles


Julia is passionate about passing on her skills and enriching lives by inspiring students to develop imaginative self-expression through creative, artistic and personal exploration.  Julia offers a programme of art, design, mixed media and contemporary textile workshops in different venues across the country.  These workshops can be run over one, two or three days, and are designed for small groups.

Julia's workshops are suitable for complete beginners and those with advanced skills. She places the emphasis on each student's needs, and runs her workshops in a structured yet flexible way, so everyone works at their own pace in a very supportive environment.

Julia also offers private tuition and mentoring for students – in a group or on a one to one basis.

Julia devised a fascinating and inspiring course - we learnt so much and had lots of time to experiment and develop our ideas.

Jackie McGahan

Please see the list below for an idea of the type and style of courses Julia runs.

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rip it up & start again

This workshop will explore identity and the memories that previously used/worn textiles can hold.  You will deconstruct some functional textiles and reconstruct them into a new ‘assemblage’, with a changed identity.  You may choose to complete one small piece on the day, or produce a series of samples that can be developed at a later date.


In this workshop you will use lace as a source of inspiration to develop prints, patterns and layered compositions after examining the structure and detail of this delicate fabric. You will interpret the surface detail into textured collages
in paper and fabric to create a collection of small pages and samples to display in a sketchbook.

being creative: it's over to you

If you are looking for ways to develop your own stitched textiles, or want to try something new but don’t know how to start, this is the workshop for you! Bring your own ideas and sources of inspiration for discussion and find out how to develop a design from scratch, keep an exciting sketchbook, create a series of samples and make a cohesive composition from your theme.  Spend the day working individually in a supportive and creative group to move your work forwards and leave with renewed passion for your own textile art.

contemporary appliqué

Appliqué is a versatile technique and a creative way to upcycle preworn clothing, old embroideries, vintage fabrics and discarded household linen.   Giving new life to old textiles is an ethical and sustainable way of working, and is gaining popularity in textile art.  Come and take a fresh look at the wealth of contemporary appliqué techniques and learn about distinctive and innovative ways to apply one cloth to the surface of another.

all stitched up

Take your machine where it has never been before!  Explore the wonders of the stitches and techniques of free machine embroidery, and extend your skills to build raised surfaces and textured fabrics by using your materials and sewing machine in innovative ways.  Fill a sketchbook with a series of small samples that you can use for technical reference and design inspiration time and time again.

it's all about the colour

Through class discussions and practical exercises in mixed media, we will investigate the properties of colour, explore the relationships of colours to each other, analyze colour proportions and distinctions, investigate tone and shape, build patterns and examine composition for stitch.  Several exercises will be undertaken to create a series of samples, worked from your own colourful sources of inspiration.