Julia Triston Textiles


Julia runs a selection of masterclasses for intermediate and advanced students who wish to extend and refine their skills in specific areas of contemporary stitched textiles. These challenging masterclasses are designed to explore and enhance skills in observation, technique, and process, and to promote and develop individual style and professional practice.

For more information about Julia’s masterclasses, please email her.

Julia also runs a certificated masterclass course through STITCHBUSINESS, with Tracy A Franklin. This course is a progressive, modular programme, offering further study and individual development for students who have achieved a level 3 qualification, or have the equivalent relevant experience in stitch and/or textiles. Please click here for further details.

The Masterclass has been a very enjoyable journey and a learning curve. It’s been a bit like reading a good book; I wanted to rush through it because it’s so exciting, at the same time I didn’t want to reach the end!

Jennifer Mary Lehm (masterclass graduate, Copenhagen)


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