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New Designers 2011

I'm exhibiting at 'New Designers 2011' this week (29 June to 2 July 2011).  For anyone in or near London the show is at the Business Design Centre, Upper Street N1.

This prestigious exhibition is a showcase for new graduate and postgraduate students to show the world what they can do.

This is my Artist Statement for the show

Julia Triston works with previously worn clothing (including underwear), and discarded household linen, to make ‘new’ wearable garments.  She deconstructs each item section by section – sometimes cutting each one right back to its joins, seams and ‘landmarks’.  Julia then rebuilds new forms around these frameworks by attaching, inserting and piecing printed fabrics, and details, fastenings and features from other garments (which often bear the mark of previous wearers) into the voids and spaces.

Other pieces are created from starting points of waistbands, bras, pockets or table linen, and are reconstructed around these; each piece reflects influential costume references in their silhouettes – from historical features in knickers and bustles, to more modern concepts of fashion as art.

Julia works with contrasting fabrics that reflect gender stereotypes - from fine, ‘feminine’ lace and underwear, to heavy, ‘masculine’ and battered denim – she produces new pieces wherein each original garment has a change of identity and function.  Properties of fabrics are exploited through cutting and shaping to create new structures with creative stretches, restrictions and tensions.

Made to be worn, Julia Triston’s creations are quirky, artistic and designed to make a statement.