Julia Triston Textiles

artist statment

Julia’s current artwork investigates the themes and perceptions of identity, gender, deconstructivism and sustainability. 

Her main body of work for her MA in Contemporary Applied Arts (for which she was awarded a Distinction), analysed and challenged the key concepts, attitudes and boundaries defining art and fashion, and clothing and dressing the body.

Julia is fascinated with the journey textiles take and intrigued by the wear and tear of her raw materials, and the marks, stains and memories they hold.  Her raw materials include vintage lace, reclaimed household linen, discarded embroideries, secondhand clothing and previously worn underwear. 

She is interested in detail, and integrates and fuses fragments of fastenings, clips and straps with raw edges, inside out seams, tears, marks and fraying to become features and landmarks in her pieces.

Julia Triston’s upcycled installations, garments and artworks are unique, quirky, distinctive and designed to make a statement.